Message from Chairman

Yuji Nunokawa

Since its establishment in 1979, Pierrot has created some of the world's most beloved animated series and films such as The Wonderful Adventure of Nils, Esteban, a Boy from the Sun, NARUTO, and Bleach. With innovative spirits and cutting edge technology, we produce series and films of diverse genre ranging from action to comedy, thriller to romance, sports to edutainment and more. Our extensive library has always provided something for everyone, thus allowing us to become one of Japan's leading animation studios. Whether based on comics or conceptualized in-house, we imbue any stories with magic that is animation and deliver to audience in the quality those wonderful stories deserve.

The emergence of new platforms and technologies has allowed Japanese animation to reach a wider global audience, making "anime" a universal term and a specific genre in the entertainment industry. We now face the challenge to create anime that addresses the newly found fans from all over the world. We will enhance our relationship with top talents and the world's leading studios to strive creating high quality anime that touches on people's hearts regardless of their cultural or racial backgrounds.

Although anime is not a necessity in life, it is still an extraordinary medium that brings imagination and dream to life, providing emotional experience to the people. I hope, from the wide range of shows we have created and will create in future, you will find your favorites that always remains in your heart.



Corporate Name:
Pierrot Co.,Ltd.
Yuji Nunokawa
Michiyuki Honma
May, 1979
428million yen (April, 2012)
Development, Production and Licensing of Animation/Graphic Designs/Others
2-29-13, Shimorenjaku, Mitaka-City, Tokyo 181-0013 Japan



Animation Production

Since its establishment in 1979, Pierrot has created over 100 animation titles including television series, feature films, direct-to-video shows and edutainment programs. Our extensive library consists of more than 84 television titles and 30 feature films covering a wide variety of genre from Sci-Fi to action, romance, comedy, historical drama and fantasy. With Japan’s top creative talent and over 30 years of experience, Pierrot continues to be one of Japan’s leading animation companies.

Development and International Licensing

Besides adapting popular comics and novels to animated series, Pierrot also creates original contents as well as feature films, always bringing animation experiences that resonate with the ever changing entertainment trends. Through international events and markets, we pioneer markets outside Japan to bring our animation to all over the world. We also partner with the world’s leading studios to work on co-productions to deliver world class quality animation that transcend boundaries.

Character Licensing and Merchandising

Pierrot licenses the rights to characters not only from Pierrot's titles but also from picture books and designers' artworks. With highly experienced in-house designers and merchandise planners, we also develop consumer merchandise ranging from apparel to stationary, toys, and many others.


Pierrot has an experienced marketing team that organizes promotional events and satellite shops to ensure maximum exposure of our licensed products. We leverage anime events and exhibitions to promote our initiatives and products, keeping our audience and business partners updated on our activities and upcoming releases.


1. What is the story behind the corporate name?

The word “Pierrot” is French for clown. Circus is often used as an allegory of life. Although clowns are not the star attractions, there is no circus without them. We named our company Pierrot in hopes to create high-quality entertainment that always provides relief and amusement in people’s lives.

2. Do you provide studio tours?

We are a closed studio and do not offer public tours.

3. Can I submit an idea or a script for animation series or movies to Studio Pierrot?

We have a strict policy prohibiting the acceptance of unsolicited literary, dramatic, musical or any other creative materials in any form for consideration, unless submitted by production individuals with whom we have established a working relationship. Unsolicited materials will be discarded unread. We will not reply to phone or fax submissions or inquiries regarding unsolicited submissions.

4. Can I get information for a school or research project?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide help for any specific projects.

5. Can I receive a response for a letter I sent? Will someone let me know when you receive it?

Since we receive many letters every day from fans all over the world, it is impossible for us to notify senders that we have received their letter. Due to the high volume of mails we receive, it is also difficult for us to respond to every piece of mails we get.

6. I want to work at Studio Pierrot. Where do I send my resume?

If there is an open position within our studio, we will update within our website. Otherwise, please send your resume to:
Please do not send your resume by post unless requested from us. Please be noted that candidates must be fluent in Japanese.