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30 years of magic!

30 years have passed since Pierrot's first original animation series Magical Angel Creamy Mami made its first appearance on TV. Since her debut, our lavender-haired heroine has mesmerized generations of young Japanese girls as a classic girls' anime icon.

Creamy Mami's charm as an "It" girl has not waned over the past 30 years, if not grown stronger. Numbers of reruns, a variety of Creamy Mami products ranging from clothing items to school supplies and smartphone accessories and frequent fan events speak for Creamy Mami's undying popularity. It is the strong and continuous fan base that has made Creamy Mami what she is today.

We would like to make this 30th anniversary year an opportunity to thank the fans and everyone else who has supported Creamy Mami in any way. Through special events and exclusive Creamy Mami products, we hope to celebrate the power of imagination and dream that made Creamy Mami so magical!