Kickers is a weak soccer team that hardly wins a game. It has recorded 22 consecutive losses up till now. Neither a star player nor a sign of a victory can be found in the team. That's why they begin to lose hopes. But the team quickly changes when Kakeru Daichi, a newcomer to Kitahara Primary School, joins Kickers!
Kakeru loves soccer. He used to be a member of a prestigious soccer team, yet he has never bragged about it. He practices more than anybody in the team. Kakeru's attitude brings back the passion for soccer that the team members have forgotten. The team members support and train each other, and start to win games.
This animation evolves around Soccer, one of the most popular sports in the world, for emphasizing the importance of mental growth of children.
  • Sports
  • Kids
Initial Broadcast : Oct 1986 - Mar 1987
Total Number of Episodes : 26
Episode Length : 30min.
Distributor : Pierrot

©Noriaki Nagai/Shogakukan, Pierrot 1986