Kyosuke Kasuga is a 15-year-old high school boy, whose entire family has supernatural power. The story begins when his family moves into a new town to hide their secret power.
In the new town, he runs into a beautiful girl wearing a red straw hat. He instantly falls in love with her, but he cannot ask even her name. On the first day of his new school, Kyosuke meets the girl, Madoka, again in his classroom. Madoka seems to isolate herself from others, but Kyosuke knows how lively she colud be when he saw her for the first time. Kyosuke is determined to be friends with her. Although Madoka keeps ignoring him, she begins to come out of her shell.
There is another girl, Hikaru, who falls in love with Kyosuke. Things start to get complicated as Kyosuke vacillates between those beautiful girls.
  • Romance
  • Teens and Up
Initial Broadcast : Apr 1987 - Mar 1988
Total Number of Episodes : 48
Episode Length : 30min.
Distributor : Pierrot