No powered suits. No bulky mechas. No robots and no laser guns. Instead, they can transform and unleash animalistic powers to fight against evil aliens! Meet the Mew Mews-a group of five teen girls who have D.N.A.s of animals who are our only hope to protect the earth from powerful aliens.
The story begins with Ichigo, the heroine of the series, accidently getting involved in a scientific experiment and infused with the DNA of Iriomote Wild Cat. She learns that she has become a Mew Mew and is told to find other four Mew Mews-each and every girl with the DNAs of different species. With their superhuman abilities, the united Mew Mews fight together against alien parasites called “Chimera Anima”.
Full of action and comedy, TOKYO MEW MEW colorfully depicts the girls come to terms with their super powers (and funny side effects that come along) and develop friendship as they are challenged by numerous events and fierce battles.
  • Fantasy
  • Teens and Up
Initial Broadcast : Apr 2002 - Mar 2003
Total Number of Episodes : 52
Episode Length : 30min.
Distributor : Kodansha

©R2002-2003 Kodansha, TV Aichi/TOKYO MEW MEW committee.